Monday, June 30, 2014

Pijama Party with Kenzie

 I had forgotten about these pictures. The girls had a great night and Maya sure wants to do it again. These girls are so cute to watch, so dramatic and funny. Maya told me the other day, "Mom, do you have a girl friend? I do, her name is McKenzie."


 As the Elders Quorum president of our ward, Phillip was able to attend a meeting three weeks ago. He came home feeling spiritually uplifted and I could tell he had a great experience meeting an apostle of God. Phillip I admire you, and your dedication to the church makes me love you even more. Thanks for being a good example to me.



I MADE JAM FOR THE FIRST TIME. I think it turned out well for being my first time.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Water Balloon Fight

Kenzie came for a playdate and the girls had so much fun. They were not happy when Janna, her mom came to pick her up. Later that day we decided to invite her for a sleepover. I will post pictures of that later.
Some of the things we did:
-went for a walk
-water balloon fight
-jumped in the pool
-played dress up
-read books
-made crowns
-made candy bracelets
Kids are so fun, but also very exhausting. :p

Barnes and Noble

It is my goal to read at least three classic books to the girls this summer. We picked Pinochio, A Little Princess and Peter Pan. We also had a collection of classic fairytales with 15 stories. The girls and I started with A Little Princess and so far Maya and I love it. It might be too much for Addi but I will continue to try. We are signing them up for the Kern Library Summer Reading program and at the end of the summer they get a book and some goodies. I can't forget the ice cream party at the end.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Girls' Date

Maya and I played makeup because she wanted to look like Maleficent.

Today I took the girls to watch the movie. Maya and Addi loved it.

She put on lipstick and did a great job!